Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Phone/Laptop/Tablet Multi-device Charging Station

Everyone needs one of these! This easy to make phone/computer/ipad/tablet charging station is a MUST for all of our tech filled homes.  Keep your cords hidden and give the family a place to keep all of the electronics overnight.  Check out the tutorial in my pages.

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  1. Recommend iDsonix Multi-Device Charging Station.
    It does what it is suppose to! Keeps all of the cords neat, no more cord octopus. Very easy to use. Open package, pop the top off, get your cords plug them into the back. I used zip ties to keep my cords inside the unit organized. Poke the plug through the front, place top back on and hook up your device. Push the power button and blue light illuminates and your device charges. Once charging is complete, don't forget to push the power button on the back to turn it off. I have not had any problems with my devices sliding off the top as others have mentioned. Currently, I can charge my LG G2, Kindle, Sony MP3 and my husbands LG G2 all at the same time. All of the devices fit on top easily.