Monday, March 3, 2014

Favorite DIY projects from 2013

Just Added!  Check out the tutorial in my Pages on how to build this easy, cute little footstool.  Seriously, everyone needs another little bench, ottoman or stool for the entryway, living room, mudroom or bedroom.  I am planning on making another bigger bench for our entry ASAP!

The pillow? All straight stitching, what could be easier!  Pillows are a great first project for any aspiring seamstresses.  The chair?  I took the bottom cushion off by removing two screws, taped over the chair back fabric, and took a little sandpaper to the arms.  I didn't do much sanding, because I used "BIN primer" (in spray can).  That stuff sticks to almost anything! Great stuff to have on hand.  Once dry (maybe 30 min later), I started adding coats of matte white spray paint.  Rust-0-leum brand has a TON of cool/funky colors and you can get them at any hardware store.  This chair now fits into my rustic/modern beach theme living room much better than if I had left the original dark wood finish on it.  A word of warning on the painting. Be patient!  Light layers that you give ample time to dry will give you the best finish.  You don't want drips or brushstrokes, so this is how you do it!  About three cans of paint later, I had the smooth/ evenly coated cane and frame that I had been envisioning.  It's amazing what kind of new life you can give a chair with the right supplies and a little bit of patience!  


Tape/Plastic cover the fabric and Spray away!

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